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A sampling of work examples with an on-camera reel at the end.


➢ WireBuzz

[ Copywriter + Editor ]

 Why You Need to Use Video in 2022 for

Turn Attendees Into Superfans - What Healthcare Conferences Can Learn from FanCons & Theme Parks

■ Todd Hartley's Virtual Sales Bootcamp Landing Page

■ Todd Hartley's Enterprise Sales Trainings Landing Page

➢ Ladder Teams
[ Social Media Copywriter + Editor ]

Instagram Caption Samples:

One ■ Two ■ Three ■ Four ■ Five ■ Six ■ Seven ■ Eight ■ Nine ■ Ten

➢ The Hollis Company
[ Junior Copywriter + Editor ]

 4 Things To Do When Stressed

■ Where to Shop Small this Holiday Season


➢ Personal Writing

 Celia Tise and the Hollywood Hawks Week

■ Living My Truth: How Jurassic Park Helped Me Find Myself

■ First Three Pages Live! Selected Script[Script Sample Available Upon Request]



Professional Highlights
■ Ladder Teams

Responsible for the conceptualization, copywriting, and ad campaigns for top-performing TikToks on the Ladder Teams official account.


Personal Highlights (@tallanimeaunt)

Focusing on my passion for entertainment, anime, manga, and gaming I create videos on TikTok as a creative outlet.



➢ The Hollis Company

The Rise App | BTS
Shooter/Editor | Production Coordinator


The Rachel Hollis Show | Quibi
Production Coordinator


Didn't See That Coming Book Launch
Shooter/Editor | Set Coordinator


Rachel Hollis QVC Launch
Set manager | Shooter/Editor



 Talking Body with Amy Porterfield, Limited Series

■ Researched and wrote scripts for episodes #1 - 3 and episode #10
■ Spotify Link


Recurring Special Guest on Wut. Podcast Hosted by Chelsea Harfoush and Ellie Main

■ "Return to Bone Town, the History of Blue, and Stanning Ancient Egypt" - Spotify Link
■ "The World's Longest Leek & A Real Skin Mag" - Spotify Link

■ "PP Hype House Edition" - Spotify Link